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Governmental Sites/Reports

The California Department of Health Care Services — Provides a health care safety net for California’s low-income and persons with disabilities.

The California Department of Public Health — Dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of the people in California.

The California Office of the Patient Advocate — Includes tools needed to become your own best patient advocate, including information on how to use your health plan. — See what other Americans are saying about health care reform, read research findings, and find the latest news on reform from the Administration.

Report on Health Care Community Discussions [PDF] — Feedback from thousands of Americans who met with their communities to discuss health care concerns, as invited by the Presidential Transition Team in December 2008.

White House Agenda on Health Care — Describes the Administration’s goals for health care reform.

KQED Radio Coverage of Health Care Policy

Forum: “Obama Care” 3/15/09 — President Obama holds a health care summit today at the White House to discuss his proposal for setting aside a $634 billion, 10-year reserve fund to help pay for universal coverage and to improve the system. We preview his reform proposals and what they might mean for California.

Forum: “State of Health Care Reform” 1/2/08 — We examine the health care reform bill passed by the California state assembly last month. With court challenges and a looming budget crisis, what are its chances for becoming law?

Health Dialogues — KQED radio series on health and health care issues in California.

Radio News on Health Care — Full archive of KQED radio news stories on health care.

Healthy Ideas Author Organizations

Alameda County Public Health Department — Includes information on health alerts and recalls in Alameda County.

The California Endowment — A private, statewide health foundation advocating policies to improve health in California.

California HealthCare Foundation — Independent organization promoting better care and access in California.

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network — Improving access to health care and eliminate health disparities by advocating for public policies and sufficient resources to address the health needs of our communities.

Health Access California — Non-profit promoting universal health care proposals and advocating for specific reforms to provide immediate health care services to California’s most vulnerable populations.

Insure the Uninsured Project — Identifies, assists and promotes new approaches to expand health care and coverage for California’s uninsured.

Pacific Business Group on Health — One of the nation’s top business coalitions focused on health care.

Pacific Research Institute — Advocates free-market policy solutions to a number of issues, including health care.

RAND Health — Research division examining how the organization and financing of care affect costs, quality, and access.

UCLA School of Public Health’s Center to Eliminate Health Disparities — Investigates and promotes population-based intervention approaches to health promotion and disease prevention.

UCSD Department of Family & Preventive Medicine — Produces research to influence public policy and conquers disease.

UCSF Institute for Health & Aging — Research, education and public service in the social and behavioral sciences.

Other Related Links

The Commonwealth Fund — A private foundation working toward a high performance health system.
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation — A non-profit, private operating foundation focusing on the major health care issues facing the U.S., as well as the U.S. role in global health policy.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — Stewards of private funds, seeking to improve the health and health care of all Americans.

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