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These could not be more exact words in my thinking of Health Insurance. I am so frustrated I cannot even speak. Thank you for speaking for me. BRAVO!
— Laura G, in response to Health Care Insurance: What does it really get you?

Thank you for bringing community-level prevention into the conversation. This is especially relevant if we are ever to move toward a prevention-based health care system… It saddens me that this is not part of the national conversation on health reform.
— Jeff Okey, in response to Health ≠ Health Care

As someone with a family history of sometimes-fatal breast and other female cancers, I’d like to see more research on cancer prevention, particularly in regards to carcinogens. I see a lot of news stories about cancer treatment and survival, but not nearly enough regarding research and particularly policy action that might result from such research.
— Bea Krivatsy, in response to Preventing Rather Than Treating Illness

Welcome to Healthy Ideas: Californians Weigh In on Health Care Reform, a conversation among California’s thought-leaders, professionals and the general public about how we can reform our national health care system to address the serious problems we face. The Obama Administration has put out a call for ideas on health care reform, and we think it is important to let Washington know what California needs.

We invite you to read and respond to posts and comments written by our primary authors and readers. Each week, until July 1, our authors will be writing new posts in response to each other and you. Remember, we need your thoughts in order to create a useful and thought-provoking dialogue that we will deliver to Washington.

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