Your Two Cents on Legislative Redistricting

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California's Citizens Redistricting Commission is holding 34 public meetings around the state through June, calling for input from the public -- that's YOU -- as the commissioners prepare to draw up new maps for congressional and state legislative districts.

The commission is coming soon to a meeting room near you: Palm Springs, San Marcos, San Diego... Auburn, Santa Rosa, Oakland... Salinas, San Jose, Culver City... Whittier, San Bernardino, Fresno....

If you're considering weighing in on the process, the League of Women Voters of California has some tips on how to prepare testimony, as well as background info on how the whole process works.

While the whole thing may sound pretty arcane, remember that the process of redrawing district boundaries used to be covetously guarded by incumbent legislators because they knew that where district boundaries fall determines who has political power in California and the U.S. Congress. 

So if you want a say in the process, or your just curious about how the whole thing works, check out these public meetings.

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