California Academy of Sciences goes way beyond just the birds and the bees! Win tickets to their new Animal Attraction exhibit.

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California Academy of Sciences goes way beyond just the birds and the bees! Animal Attraction, opens February 11, 2012, just in time for Valentine's Day! The exhibit explores some of the wildest courtship and mating strategies in the animal kingdom. From the extremely co-dependent anglerfish to the interior-decorating bowerbird, you can learn how animals go to extremes to court their partners and pass on their genes. The exhibit will use live animals and the story of their biology to share the science of reproduction in its varied forms, as well as various animals' parenting styles.

To celebrate this fascinating new exhibit, KQED is doing a multi-day ticket giveaway to California Academy of Sciences, for both general admission and also for Nightlife. For the next few days, leading up to Valentine's Day, we will challenge you with trivia questions that will puzzle you and make you see the animal kingdom in a whole new way! Each day we'll have a new set of tickets to give away.

Here's how to enter our contest:
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For which California university is the Banana Slug a mascot?

The adorable Banana Slug

Email us your answer to and, from all correct entries, we'll randomly select two winners for a pair of tickets each. Deadline to enter is tomorrow, February 10, 3pm.

And in the meantime, check out a sneak preview of the exhibit on their Facebook page.

Value of each ticket: $29.95. You must be a California resident and 18 years or older to participate. Employees of KQED are not eligible to enter.

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