Five chances to win a four-pack of tickets to California Academy of Sciences!

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KQED and California Academy of Sciences are teaming up to host a contest to give away five family four-packs of tickets to California Academy of Sciences for ’Tis the Season for Science! Enjoy wintry festivities and family fun that celebrates the science behind some of our most familiar holiday sights, sounds and traditions with falling snowflakes, live reindeer, a snowman theatre and a spice forest. The exhibit is on now through January 16, 2012.

Here's how to enter:
Below are five trivia questions, one for each day. On the day of the question, email the answer to and we will randomly select a winner from all correct entries. Feel free to enter every day (though you can only win once)! Send us your full name and address so that if you are a winner, we can notify you and mail you the prize. Winners for each day will be notified by email the following day.

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Day 1, December 17: What are two things reindeer love to eat?

Day 2, December 18: True or False: Mistletoe is actually a parasite that can harm trees.

Day 3, December 19: What is the scientific name for the poinsettia?

Day 4, December 20: Which is generally warmer, the North Pole or the South Pole?

Day 5, December 21: When was the last time it snowed in the city of San Francisco?

Email the answer of today's question to

Value of family four-pack of tickets is $119.80.

Want a sneak peak? Check out these six things you probably never knew about reindeer:

1. Reindeer are the only species of deer in which both the males AND the females have antlers. Males use their antlers for jousting while competing for access to the females. Females use their antlers when competing for access to food.

2. Reindeer migrate farther each year than any other land mammal. They can travel up to 33 miles each day, and over 3,000 miles in a year.

3. Reindeer have several helpful adaptations for living in the snow. Their broad hooves function like snowshoes, and their sensitive noses can smell food that is buried beneath the snow.

4. Reindeer are excellent swimmers. Their wide hooves help them paddle through the water efficiently, and their coat is made up of hollow hairs, which keeps them warm and makes them more buoyant.

5. You’ve heard of drinking cow’s milk, or even goat’s milk, but what about reindeer milk? Several groups of people in the Eurasian Arctic have domesticated reindeer for their milk, which has a higher fat content than cow’s milk. They also use the reindeer as pack animals, and yes… to pull sleighs.

6. Reindeer and Caribou are actually members of the same species that live in different parts of the Arctic and sub-Arctic – reindeer live in Eurasia and caribou in live North America. The only meaningful difference between them is that reindeer have been domesticated, while caribou have not.

True or False: Mistletoe is actually a parasite that can harm trees. Answer & enter to win tix to @calacademy:

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    Euphorbia pulcherrima

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    feb 5, 1976

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