From the Episode: Future


| August 23, 2016

AFI / 2015 / 15 minutes / English / Color

“Imagine that everything you ever wanted, but didn’t have time for, is possible.”

Eager to best her flawless frenemy in an upcoming 5K, Maria decides to order a clone. While Maria trains, the Zelos completes chores, takes care of the kids, and makes life for Maria much easier. But as Maria’s running time improves, her clone grows closer to her family, and Maria finds herself competing with an unbeatable rival.

Directed by Thoranna Sigurdardottir. Principal Cast: Erica Piccininni, Michael Ornstein, Brooke Nevin, Michael Traynor, Mateo Simon, and Fiona Aular.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Thoranna Sigurdardottir

Thoranna Sigurdardottir

Read more about Thoranna Sigurdardottir, the director of Zelos.

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