From the Episode: Together Alone


| February 19, 2014

CalArts / 2012 / 4 minutes / English / Color

“Hey sweetie, it’s daddy.”

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A father gives his young daughter a yo-yo and waves goodbye as he shuts the door. Later, home alone, the girl swings her toy while her father leaves an alarming answering machine message. His voice attempts reassurance.

Does the yo-yo tell a different tale?

Set during the attacks of 9/11, Eusong Lee’s visually arresting short animation is a stark examination of the unstoppable nature of time. As the yo-yo spins, how does the girl choose to remember the past? Better yet, how does she wish to remember it?

Written and directed by Eusong Lee. The film won Silver Medal at the 2013 Student Academy Award for Best Animated Short. Principal cast: Dario Barrara (voice).


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Eusong Lee

Eusong Lee

Read more about Eusong Lee, the director of Will.

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