From the Episode: Together Alone


| February 19, 2014

Columbia University / 2011 / 22 minutes / English / Color

“It’s time to clean up.”

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When it’s all about survival, how far would you go?

Tom is certain his fiancée Sydney’s drug addiction will consume her and, in order to kick the habit, they mutually decide to go cold turkey at a remote country cabin. Consider it DIY rehab. After they create a makeshift shelter under a mound of ice, the unthinkable happens when they are buried alive. Immobile in a small pocket of air, the two soon realize that any attempt to break free might kill them. But wait, is that help they hear?

Directed by Mark Raso. The film won Gold Medal at the 2012 Student Academy Award for Best Narrative Short. Principal Cast: Zoe Winters, Wayne Wilcox and Michael Hogan.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Mark Raso

Mark Raso

Read more about Mark Raso, the director of Under.

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