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The Passage of Mrs. Calabash

| April 3, 2013

AFI / 2004 / 19 minutes / English / Color

The Passage of Mrs. Calabash

“You know, I feel so fortunate to share this time with you.”

An overnight train hurtles from Chicago to New England. At its final destination in a sleeper car, a young gas station proprietress and a retired professor exchange pleasantries, bid each other adieu and part ways.

But this is only the beginning of the story.

Told in reverse, the unlikely pair has their comforts removed, their defenses reassembled and their deepest secrets revealed as layers of time are gradually peeled back. What kinds of healing do strangers offer us, and what assumptions are nullified when the past becomes crystal clear? A short film by Scott Tuft. Principal cast: Katherine Cunningham-Eves and Charlie Robinson (Night Court, Apocalypse Now, Antoine Fisher)

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Scott Tuft

Scott Tuft

Read more about Scott Tuft, the director of The Passage of Mrs. Calabash.

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