The Lotus Gun

| August 23, 2016

USC / 2015 / 25 minutes / English / Color

“Nora said, there are two ways to live. You had to make a choice.”

The year is 2077. Society has collapsed. There are no cities, no guns. Just wanderers trying to survive.

Nora and Daphine live an idyllic life alone and in love, far away from the drug-fueled, misogynistic communes that have trapped so many others. But when a male stranger arrives, their utopian existence takes a dark turn.

Directed by Amanda Milius. The film was a finalist for the CINE Golden Eagle Award. Principal Cast: Lauren Avery, Dasha Nekrassova, Austin MacKinnon, and John Winscher.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Amanda Milius

Amanda Milius

Read more about Amanda Milius, the director of The Lotus Gun.

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