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The Kármán Line

| March 6, 2015

NYU / 2014 / 24 minutes / English / Color


“Mom’s going into orbit?”

Sarah’s day started like any other, but chores, ’80s power ballads, and eager anticipation of the arrival of her taciturn teenaged daughter are interrupted when she is struck with a condition that causes her to rise from the ground and away from her family and home. With time slipping away and no cure in sight, can Sarah’s family come to terms with her fate?

Directed and story by Oscar Sharp. Written by Dawn King. The film won the British Independent Film Award for Best British Short and was nominated for Best Short at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Principal cast: Olivia Colman, Shaun Dooley and Chelsea Corfield.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Oscar Sharp

Oscar Sharp

Read more about Oscar Sharp, the director of The Kármán Line.

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