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The First Date

| August 23, 2016

California State University, Northridge / 2012 / 7 minutes / English / Color

“I told you. Her cat committed suicide.” 

Amanda recently went on a blind date with Kelly, the perfect woman. Unfortunately, their romantic encounter didn’t go so well. Amanda retreats to her work bathroom to vent to her friend Jill, but both are in for a shock when they find out there’s someone else there hanging onto their every word.

Directed by Janella Lacson as part of the OutSet Film Mentoring Program with Outfest. Principal Cast: Sonal Shah, Natalie Dreyfuss, and Kate Miller.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Janella Lacson

Janella Lacson

Read more about Janella Lacson, the director of The First Date.

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