From the Episode: The Cake Is a Lie


| February 21, 2014

Tisch Asia / 2013 / 13 minutes / Taiwanese/ English Subtitles / Color

“Did I give birth to a voice on an answering machine?”

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You’ve heard of midlife crisis, but what about ‘late-life crisis’?

86-year-old pork sung maker Xiao Zhu is just tired of it: tired of her village, tired of her solitude, tired of the fact that she never got her springtime. After yet another unanswered phone call to her unresponsive son, what’s a lonely senior citizen to do? Xiao Zhu does something that most people only dream of and tries to start anew. Catching a one-way motorcycle ride out of town, she journeys to the big city and sets off to find employment. But is this the springtime she was looking for?

Written and directed by Erica Liu. Principal cast: Huang Tsai Yu Chu.


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Meet the Filmmaker:

Erica Liu

Erica Liu

Read more about Erica Liu, the director of Springtime.

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