From the Episode: Fire and Fury


| January 20, 2016

University of Texas / 2012 / 9 minutes / English / Color

“I’ll be back in a bit. We’ll set those off later.”

Poor Ricky. He is left to wait in a pickup truck during his father’s visit to a lady-friend in rural Texas. Poor Callie. Her mother has pushed her out of the house to make room for Ricky’s dad. As the parents lock themselves away, the two kids must awkwardly coexist until they find a way to create some sparks of their own. Directed by Annie Silverstein. Winner of the 2012 SXSW Jury Award for Best Texas Short Film. Principal Cast: Varun Reddy, Elise Gardner, Conrad Gonzales, and Amy Esacove.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Annie Silverstein

Annie Silverstein

Read more about Annie Silverstein, the director of Spark.

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