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Short Term 12

| February 21, 2014

San Diego State University / 2008 / 21 minutes / English / Color

Short Term 12

“I’m 33 and I’ve been crying in the girl’s bathroom for the last half hour.”

Adapted into an award-winning feature film.

As the head counselor of a group home, Denim’s days are never boring. Overseeing at-risk adolescents and initiating a new staff member come with risks: birthday celebrations explode into fits of rage; a softball match flares tempers and ends in angry insults; talented youth on the cusp of breaking through make inexplicable decisions. But the struggles aren’t just limited to the patients in need of care, for Denim can only do so much to reign in his own fears. In anguished times, who can counsel the counselor?

Written and directed by Destin Cretton. Principal cast: Brad William Henke, Tania Verafield, Phoenix Henke, Keith Stanfield and Adam Shapiro.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Destin Cretton

Destin Cretton

Read more about Destin Cretton, the director of Short Term 12.

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