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Road to Peshawar

| March 10, 2014

University of Texas / 2011 / 18 minutes / Pashto and Russian with English subtitles / Color

“I used to stargaze and believe that the biggest star in space sat only above my own village.”

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The Soviet-Afghan War, 1988.

Following a surprise skirmish, a freak explosion steals young Samira’s eyesight. Left untreated over time, the shrapnel damage will only get worse. For her parents, there is only one solution: get her to Pakistan for immediate medical attention. As the international conflict rages, a decision is made to travel lightly, compelling only father Abdullah to accompany her to the border. The path is treacherous: land mines pepper the landscape and Soviet soldiers threaten the region. The characters test trust and allegiance amidst the chaos of war.

Written and directed by Hammad Rizvi. Principal cast: Yasmine Al-Bustami, Isabela Costine, Mustafa Faiz and Philip Kreyche.

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Hammad Rizvi

Hammad Rizvi

Read more about Hammad Rizvi, the director of Road to Peshawar.

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