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Priceless Things

| February 21, 2014

NYU / 2011 / 11 minutes / English / Color

“It was on the table and now it’s not there, so we are not leaving here until we find it.”

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A ring goes missing without a trace, but where could it have gone? Surely, it must be somewhere.

So begins Renee’s descent into suspicion. After enjoying a mani-pedi at an Asian salon in Brooklyn, Renee is absolutely convinced that her engagement ring, an item that survived the Holocaust, has been stolen at the shop. This comes as a shock to her fiancĂ© Michael. Imagine how employees Coco, Paul and Ginger feel. After all, Renee is a regular and looking to continue her purchasing streak: Buy 10, Get One Free.

Written and directed by Sarah Violet-Bliss. Principal cast: Meryl Hathaway, Alden Ford, Kiat-Sing Teo, Yan Xi and Whitney Kam Lee.

Priceless Things

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Sarah Violet-Bliss

Sarah Violet-Bliss

Read more about Sarah-Violet Bliss, the director of Priceless Things.

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