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Penny Dreadful

| March 11, 2014

Columbia University / 2012 / 17 minutes / English / Color

“You said we were getting hamburgers.”

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Poor Dennis. With a pregnant girlfriend increasingly nervous about their financial state of affairs and a volatile criminal mastermind for a boss, Dennis is definitely feeling the heat from all sides to make the job work. For all intents and purposes, the master plan is clear and simple enough: abduct nine-year old Penny, drag her to the desert and squeeze the father for the ransom. What could go wrong? It’s a piece of cake.

Oh, there’s one small detail. Have we mentioned that Penny wants a milkshake?

Written and directed by Shane Atkinson. Principal cast: Oona Laurence, David Stevens, Marnie Schulenburg, Rick Zahn and Richard D. Busser.

Penny Dreadful

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Shane Atkinson

Shane Atkinson

Read more about Shane Atkinson, the director of Penny Dreadful.

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