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Kiss Me

| March 10, 2015

UCLA / 2012 / 11 minutes / English / Color

“I know who you are, Kid.”

When your occupation is to tear another man apart, you sometimes have to grapple with unexpected consequences. Especially when you’re as torn as boxer Kid Vargas. Set in the often clandestine world of Latino boxing in East Los Angeles, Kid mentally replays his ring opponent’s death over and over. Outside of the ring, it’s a violent match in his head and his heart: his love-starved wife is begging for affection, his son is looking for a father figure and, within himself, Kid must man up and admit what he really is: a homosexual. Winner Best Student Short Film at the 2012 BendFilm Festival Directed by Jules Nurrish. Principal Cast: Raúl Castillo, Carolyn Zeller, Hansford Prince, Javier Lezama, and Olin Tonatiuh.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Jules Nurrish

Jules Nurrish

Read more about Jules Nurrish, the director of Kiss Me.

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