From the Episode: Growing Pains

I Feel Stupid

| April 3, 2013

UCLA / 2012 / 15 minutes / English / Color

“Just because you feel stupid doesn’t mean you look stupid.”

Let’s meet Lein, an awkward, pre-pubescent 15-year old young woman who is obsessed with her pigeon coup. She maintains a platonic relationship with her equally gawky buddy Robbie. Things seem geeky peachy until Amber, their long gone childhood friend, returns to visit with a sassy attitude, cigarettes and a fancy mobile phone. Texting, boys, Facebook and makeup are all elements on the fringe of Lein’s presexual awakening, but soon become challenges she is forced to face. Lein learns that growing up feels stupid, and she has to confront whether childhood priorities are just for the birds. Directed by Milena Pastreich. Winner of the 2012 UCLA Spotlight Award. Principal Cast: Sophia Rose Vail, Samantha McCullough, Samuel Wyatt and Mandell Butler.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Milena Pastreich

Milena Pastreich

Read more about Milena Pastreich, the director of I Feel Stupid.

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