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I Am John Wayne

| February 21, 2014

Columbia University / 2011 / 17 minutes / English / Color

“You’re not fit to ride today, son.”

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In Brooklyn, a makeshift memorial for a young man’s friend has been set up on a street corner. He walks up and takes a closer look. Alongside his best friend, a picture shows them on horseback. They’re smiling.

Taco is the young man’s name and he has a funeral to go to. Problem is, he doesn’t want to. Guilted by his elders to attend and chided by his peers to take revenge, Taco only wants to do one thing: take his horse Chance out for a ride. But against the concrete and graffiti and haze of grief, is this a good idea?

Written and directed by Christina Choe. Principal Cast: Jamir Daaliya, Violetta Shimanova, Basil Scrivens and Althea Alexis.

I Am John Wayne

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Christina Choe

Christina Choe

Read more about Christina Choe, the director of I Am John Wayne.

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