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God of Love

| March 4, 2013

NYU / 2010 / 19 minutes / English / Black & White

God of Love

“I’m just a guy. I have very good aim. And I have these magical arrows.”

Meet Raymond Goodfellow, a multi-talented artist who combines lounge singing with his champion dart throwing ability, who has fallen head over heels for his bass player Kelly Moran. There’s just one problem: she’s in love with his best friend Fozzie. Raymond’s prayers are answered when he receives a mysterious, magical box of love darts. Or so he thinks. With great power comes great responsibility and Raymond gets to contemplate a unique quandary: act like a hero or a villain? Written and directed by Luke Matheny. The film won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. Principal cast: Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsh, Emily Young and Miguel Rosales.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Luke Matheny

Luke Matheny

Read more about Luke Matheny, the director of God of Love.

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