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Genius from Quintino

| March 22, 2013

Columbia University / 2011 / 14 minutes / Portuguese with English subtitles / Color

Genius from Quintino

“Fix my fish! Fix my fish!”

They don’t call him the genius for nothing. Ricardo, a 30 year old mechanic suffering from acute amnesia, lives with his mother the tiny suburb of Quintino north of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. A mysterious ratty kid shows up one morning at his garage with a strange problem: his toy fish is broken. Perplexed and annoyed, but also intrigued, Ricardo begins to wonder what else is broken. With only a hint of fragmented memories, he must confront a life-changing question: who is this child and why has he come for me? Directed by Johnny Ma. Principal Cast: Ricardo Lima, Benigna Dias, Pedro Henrique Nery, and Guilherme Ribeiro.

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Johnny Ma

Johnny Ma

Read more about Johnny Ma, the director of Genius from Quintino.

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