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Fluffy the Flying Fish

| January 6, 2016

School of Visual Arts / 2013 / 2 minutes / English / Color

“Because you can’t ship a goldfish.”

How do you transport a pet goldfish from Los Angeles to Denver? Fluffy’s family devised a plan: Mom put Fluffy in a Tupperware container and Dad took the goldfish with him to the airport. This was before the days of heightened security and the limit on three ounces of liquid on planes, so a goldfish wasn’t technically illegal, but it sure was a conversation starter.

Written and directed by Ryan Charmatz. The film was showcased at the 36th Starz Denver Film Festival, playing in front of Alexander Payne’s Nebraska on the festival’s Big Night.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Ryan Charmatz

Ryan Charmatz

Read more about Ryan Charmatz, the director of Fluffy the Flying Fish.

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