From the Episode: Fire and Fury


| March 12, 2013

Columbia University / 2012 / 11 minutes / English / Color


“If you have fireworks, we’ll kick it with you.”

At what point do boys stop tugging on pigtails to grab a girl’s attention? Set against a Fourth of July backdrop in South Los Angeles, two adolescent boys are on a quest to acquire fireworks on the black market in an attempt to appeal to girls’ affinity for “sparkly stuff.” Featuring quasi-interviews with the young cast, a charming portrait emerges of youth coming of age in a time of national celebration. Directed by Victor Hugo Duran. Official Selection at the 2012 LA Film Festival. Principal Cast: Roger Cruz, Alberto Castaneda, Irene Sorto, Azucena Benitez and Edgar Vanegas.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Victor Hugo Duran

Victor Hugo Duran

Read more about Victor Hugo Duran, the director of Fireworks.

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