From the Episode: Daddy Dearest


| March 10, 2014

USC / 2011 / 12 minutes / English and Spanish with English subtitles / Color

“Nunca agarramos nada que no nos pertenezca.”

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It’s claimed that Texas has its own justice. On those lonely hot roads, State Troopers kick up dust. Occasionally, cars are stopped.

In one of these cars is a Latino family on their way to Chicago. While changing a tire with his father, young Efrain is wearing something he’s not supposed to have: a stolen watch. According to the boy’s father, a thief’s life is not what the child has been taught. Back on the road as disappointment sets in, the family is stopped by a State Trooper. What lesson will Efrain learn?

Directed by Matthew Breault. Principal cast: Ivan Angulo, Daniel Edward Mora, Ana Maria Lagasca and Matthew Rimmer.


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Meet the Filmmaker:

Matthew Breault

Matthew Breault

Read more about Matthew Breault, the director of Efrain.

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