From the Episode: Daddy Dearest


| March 10, 2014

USC / 2011 / 12 minutes / English and Spanish with English subtitles / Color

“Nunca agarramos nada que no nos pertenezca.”

They Also Serve
It’s claimed that Texas has its own justice. On those lonely hot roads, State Troopers kick up dust. Occasionally, cars are stopped.

In one of these cars is a Latino family on their way to Chicago. While changing a tire with his father, young Efrain is wearing something he’s not supposed to have: a stolen watch. According to the boy’s father, a thief’s life is not what the child has been taught. Back on the road as disappointment sets in, the family is stopped by a State Trooper. What lesson will Efrain learn?

Directed by Matthew Breault. Principal cast: Ivan Angulo, Daniel Edward Mora, Ana Maria Lagasca and Matthew Rimmer.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Matthew Breault

Matthew Breault

Read more about Matthew Breault, the director of Efrain.

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