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Doubles with Slight Pepper

| February 21, 2014

NYU / 2011 / 15 minutes / English / Color

Doubles with Slight Pepper

“Look! The scamp finally come back from Canada.”

He was the last person Dhani wanted to see at his bicycle food stand, but what’s a proprietor to do when your customer happens to be your long estranged father? Displeased by Raghbir’s return, Dhani is not amused at his father’s attempt to forge a path back into his life.

But if the young man was already irritated, wait until he finds out that his mother Sumintra has invited his father over for lunch. Who does his dad think he is? Executive produced by Spike Lee.

Written and directed by Ian Harnarine. Principal Cast: Errol Sitahal, Sanjiv Boodhu and Susan Abraham-Hannays.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Ian Harnarine

Ian Harnarine

Read more about Ian Harnarine, the director of Doubles with Slight Pepper.

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