From the Episode: Sugar & Spice


| March 11, 2014

Columbia University / 2013 / 11 minutes / English / Color

“The meat doesn’t stay fresh once exposed to the air.”

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In a fine dining room, a culinary connoisseur claims the last exciting meal he’s had was a delicate cut of African elephant spiced with saffron in Southern Uganda. What could possibly top that? His waiter suggests a revolutionary new item, one that must be eaten in haste once unlocked from its vacuum sealed container. Indeed, the initial bite elicits a most unusual response, one that borders somewhere between retching and orgasmic. “What the hell is it?” the foodie exclaims while licking his finger clean.

The waiter leans forward. Their eyes lock. A hunt begins.

Directed by Jason Mann. Principal cast: Malcolm Tomlinson, Richard Morse and Elizabeth Henstridge.


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Meet the Filmmaker:

Jason Mann

Jason Mann

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