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Burn to Send

| March 10, 2015

NYU / 2012 / 21 minutes / Vietnamese with English subtitles / Color

“When you’re young you want to be in love to feel grown up.
When people grow old, they want to be in love to feel young again.

Tin is being lured into Saigon’s underground motorcycle racing scene by fast money. Goldie works at a hostess bar and is looking for a way out. Together, they struggle to define their standing in the world and with each other.

Written and directed by Andinh Ha. Principal cast: Ninh Cong, Ngoc Khuong and Nuong Cong Nguyen.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Andinh Ha

Andinh Ha

Read more about Andinh Ha, the director of Burn to Send.

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