From the Episode: Letting Go


| March 12, 2013

Columbia University / 2010 / 12 minutes / English / Color


“Give me my bunny back!”

Young Errol loves nothing more than his bunny. He takes it for walks in the outdoors and keeps the animal nice and safe at night. This doesn’t sit well with Morgan, an aggressive local bully who prefers bashing old scrap junk with a sledgehammer and throwing firecrackers at people. When the rabbit suddenly goes missing, Errol suspects Morgan and enlists the help of his buddy Danny in his search. A chance encounter with Morgan leads to a chase that will send the boys into a seedy neighborhood to solve the mystery of the missing pet. When Errol is confronted with the truth, he has to question his previous assumptions. Inspired by an event from director Robert Snow’s childhood, the film premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. Winner of the FilmAid Award and the IFP Audience Choice Award. Principal Cast: John Barbieri, Scott Clark, Griffin Hyde, Brooke Hoover, and Natalie Toth.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Robert Snow

Robert Snow

Read more about Robert Snow, the director of Bunny.

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