From the Episode: When We Were Young


| March 11, 2014

NYU / 2012 / 14 minutes / English / Color

“Well we have, uh, classic, ribbed, ultra-lubed, Magnum.”

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Young ten year-old Daisy hates dresses. She much prefers her brother Jude’s loose fitting clothing. Her favorite nail polish is a black Sharpie. It’s the Fourth of July and the two have been left alone to watch fireworks on TV while mother goes on a date. But the older teens Hunter and Ryan lure the siblings out of the house for a night full of pranks, trouble and a moral quandary.

Written and directed by Erin Sanger. Principal cast: Sofi Choinski, Logan Riley-Bruner, Shane Nepveu and Tristan Alan.


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Meet the Filmmaker:

Erin Sanger

Erin Sanger

Read more about Erin Sanger, the director of Bombshell.

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