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Blue Boy

| March 11, 2014

UCLA / 2009 / 17 minutes / English and Spanish with English subtitles / Color

Blue Boy

“Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.”

A young man from a humble background, Kenny wakes daily to find his father passed out from too much drink. As a lifeguard at a posh swimming facility, he feels invisible and out of place. There are only six weeks left of summer and time is running out to watch the lovely, married Mrs. Jordan do her laps in the water … and laps in his sexually charged daydreams. But when a boy nearly drowns, he and his unknowing crush spontaneously combine efforts and strike a connection.

Kenny, meet Mrs. Jordan. Mrs. Jordan, meet Kenny.

Written and directed by Alex Jablonski. Adapted from the short story by Kevin Canty. Principal cast: Simone Kessell, Andrew Cappelletti and Joshua Rush.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Alex Jablonski

Alex Jablonski

Read more about Alex Jablonski, the director of Blue Boy.

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