From the Episode: Sum of Its Parts


| April 1, 2013

Biola University / 2009 / 21 minutes / Japanese with English subtitles / Color


“Dear Thief, please just take the whole thing.”

What to make of poor Mamoru Amagaya? He lives a lonely life that is punctuated by office gossip and a bully co-worker that just turned his face into mincemeat. The world seems to have turned against him and now even his bicycle is a target. Every day, he finds a piece missing until all that remains is a bell. One day he gets a mysterious envelope containing addresses where each piece of the bike might be retrieved. Who is this stranger? And why has he chosen Mamoru? Directed by Dean Yamada. Principal Cast: Yugo Saso, Masayuki Yui and Yasuko Fleming.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Dean Yamada

Dean Yamada

Read more about Dean Yamada, the director of Bicycle.

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