From the Episode: On the Prowl


| February 3, 2016

AFI / 2013 / 22 minutes / English / Color

“Love is dumb. And now there’s an app for that.”

Normally, you wouldn’t catch shy software developer Paul at a trendy club, but tonight is different. Paul’s new mobile dating app is ready for beta testing, but if he doesn’t pay his data storage bills by the next day, his “Siri on steroids” will be deleted. Desperate, Paul tracks down suave venture capitalist Mike Diamond and begs Mike to invest in the app. Mike takes one look at nerdy Paul and devises the perfect plan to put the app to the test: if Paul can “make it” with the beautiful and athletic Zoey, he’ll invest.

Written and directed by Alex Berman. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has continued to play at festivals around the world. It has also won numerous awards, including the Beijing Film Academy Grand Jury Prize and Best Short at the New Media Film Festival. Principal cast: Braden Lynch, Sara Sanderson, J.R. Cacia and Ashley Lambert.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Alex Berman

Alex Berman

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