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A Doctor’s Job

| March 10, 2015

UCLA / 2011 / 11 minutes / Spanish with English subtitles / Color

“Either you pay, or she goes.”

How do you make ends meet? When Dr. Ramon Moran isn’t resuscitating patients in the ER, he works an equally long shift as a cab driver in Lima, Peru. His elderly mother’s senility is worsening, and Dr. Moran needs to come up with the money to keep her in assisted living. He picks up his latest fare and the man seems nice enough. Heck, he even used to be a cabbie himself. But first impressions aren’t always what they appear. Dr. Moran is about to get a hard lesson in mixing work with work. Directed by Julio O. Ramos. Principal Cast: Miguel Iza, Luis Menezes, Christian Ojeda and Hortensia Priale.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Julio O. Ramos

Julio O. Ramos

Read more about Julio O. Ramos, the director of A Doctor’s Job.

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