Roja Gashtili and Julia Lerman

| August 22, 2016


roja and julia 300x300Roja Gashtili and Julia Lerman completed the short film Rita Mahtoubian is not a Terrorist while fellows in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women. In 2013, they were recipients of the Tribeca Film Institute’s All Access grant. In 2010, they were selected for the Emerging Narrative Labs at IFP’s Film Week. Previously, they were finalists for the San Francisco Film Society/Hearst Screenwriting Grant and the 2014 Warner Brothers Writing Workshop.

Prior to working together, Roja worked as a coordinator on the Oscar-­nominated No End in Sight, as a field producer on Morgan Spurlock’s A Day in the Life, and on Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Julia worked on the Emmy Award-winning This American Life. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University.

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Rita Mahtoubian is Not a Terrorist

Rita Mahtoubian is Not a Terrorist

When Iranian-born Rita Mahtoubian sets out to change her life from ordinary to extraordinary, she accidentally captures the attention of a homeland security agent. A short film by Roja Gashtili and Julia Lerman.

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