Robert Snow

| March 12, 2013

Columbia University

Robert Snow

Robert Snow is an award winning writer and director working out of New York and Los Angeles. In 2010, he received his MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts. His thesis film Bunny went on to Premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. He was awarded faculty selects and won the FilmAid Award, the IFP Audience Choice Award, and the Best Producer Award. His last short The Blue Die won the Film of Highest Distinction Award at the Siouxland International Film Festival. His script Murder of a Cat, co-written with Christian Magalhaes, was voted onto the 2010 Hollywood Blacklist and is in production with Mandate Pictures.

He writes for New Girl on FOX.

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A boy goes on a desperate search to get his pet back. A short film by Robert Snow.

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