Eusong Lee

| February 19, 2014


Eusong Lee

Eusong Lee was born and raised in Ulsan, a city in the southeast region of South Korea. At the age of 14, he moved and attended school in Canada, where he began painting lessons with an animator in Toronto. His interest led him to CalArts’ School of Film/Video’s Character Animation Program. After completion of his first film Plug, he produced SHAPE. After completing his third year at CalArts, Eusong won a Student Academy Award for Will. He is currently taking time off from school to work at JibJab, a digital entertainment studio for production design and directing.

Watch Eusong win a Student Academy Award for Will:

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Set during the attacks of 9/11, a young girl wishes she could go back in time. A short film by Eusong Lee.

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