Episode 117: Rollin’ In Dough

Jacques Pepin making briocheSimple flour and baking powder are pantry staples and the foundation of the step-by-step recipe for Soda Bread. Jacques goes on to add yeast to flour for a country bread called Gros Pain. He then makes a crusty Long Proofed Baguette. Next, Jacques adds butter to a rich dough to make a light and tender Brioche. Finally, he shows us how to use up any left-over bread by making Bread Galettes.

(Only the linked recipes are available online. Other episode recipes are available by purchasing Jacques’ book, Essential Pepin.)

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  • John Shea

    Love your Essential Pepin show. I have followed you for years. You are a great teacher.

    • sandra mcfadden

      Indeed he is. He is the master of all masters. From butchering a cow to making rosettes out of butter.Big fan for years.

  • Ken Bechtle

    Is it possible to bake more than one loaf at a time in a conventional home oven? If so, should any other precautions be taken?

  • Ken Bechtle

    Sorry, regarding last post, I was asking about the Gros Pain specifically.

  • Joe Anderson

    Thanks and appreciatioin from Denver City.

    I just love your show, your work and you have been an inspiration for me to move frokm watching to cooking – thanks so much – I love to cook.

    One of the things I appreciate most about your stuff is that being a everyday cook there are many ideas and themes that can be used for the daily cook.

    Of course there are the beautiful recipes for special occassion, but I seem to shy away from these.

    Thanks for decades of enjoyment and learning

  • Kris

    Suggestion: Please show on the screen the name of the food you are cooking. Those of us who don’t speak French have trouble understanding the names of the items you are making. Today I watched “Rollin’ in the Dough” with great enjoyment, but was not able to understand “Brioche” until you had repeated it many times–and then I only figured it out because I am a reader and finally remembered seeing the term in the past. “Gros Pain” and “Galette” were also difficult to understand. Thank you for your very helpful show!

  • P. Mercier-Rezzonico

    Loved this episode…in fact, I love all your episodes; old and new. Have all your cookbooks and autobiography. You are a true chef and teacher. I learn so much from you and I’ve been a fan for years.

    Keep up the fabulous work. Stay well and happy cooking.


  • Magdalena Pelko

    I enjoyed your show on making breads and am planning on making all kinds of breads! I love it! And we just made bread galettes with left over ‘older’ bread. What a treat! We modified the recipe as we had different ingredients in our fridge (yellow bell peppers chopped) and we serve them on spinach with sprinkles of feta and sracha sauce :)
    Loving your show and thank you for sharing your recipes with us! Cheers :)

  • Roger Davis

    Jacques Pepin has inspired me — a recent retiree now living alone — to start cooking again! I can’t imagine the neighborhood chef ever being lonely, especially if I could also acquire a bit of Monsieur Pepin’s charm, humor and genuine class; truly un gentilhomme distingué

  • Jean

    I watched your bread show today and I plan on making all of them.Thank-You so much for sharing your recipes and expertise.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy warm bread with sweet butter, my mouth was watering after viewing your show on bread making. I will plan my next meals around each type of bread this week, thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/roxyie1122 Roxyie Curone

    I have loved making bread homemade since I was a little girl. I fondly recall those times with my grandmother makiing bread and sweet rolls by hand. I was also a bit shocked when I asked for brioche from my local baker only to find she’d never heard of it!

  • jean

    I love Jacque…
    I made a hit with the Bread Galettes.  A wonderful side dish or for lunch with a salad.

    • Beatrice Killigan

      True, it was a hit my house also. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe I never miss a show. Pepin is the only technique book I purchased decades ago. I have a good collection of this Master Chef Pepin. Simple, down to earth and a pleasure to do at home

      • http://www.silverscenesblog.blogspot.com Constance Rose Metzinger

        After watching this episode, I am tempted to try making Bread Galettes this week as well. I am surprised I never thought of putting vegetables in “bread pancakes” before!

  • nobody….

    OMG. I. Am. In. Love. With. His. Bread.

  • Barbara J Anderson

    I just watched your show on KQED tonight and downloaded your bread recipes.  I love bread so I am looking forward to baking bread tomorrow. I enjoy watching you on tv and now your web site.

  • Mary Kay

    Jaques Pepin,have always liked watching your TV shows. I was hooked on JP when home after 2 neck surgeries and watched all the chocolate shows.Just saw the bread show this AM and will try some of the recipes.

  • Eugene Diakanolakis

    I’ve watched and loved cooking shows since I was a child when we got our first TV. Jacques Pépin is simply the best. Truly a class act.

  • Dee Long

    I’ve never seen a bread recipe without some sort of sugar for the yeast to feed on. I can’t get the video to work to see if he addresses this. Anyone who has made this, did you put any sugar in the bread?

  • Janet Loyet Libell

    I just heard about you today and I find

    you are a Birthday Boy! Happy Birthday Jacques!

  • sar73

    I tried this recipe today. There was a comment in the reviews about someone spraying the water in their oven like he says to, and their light bulb exploded. Well the same thing happen to me. Not even 10 minutes into baking the bread, spray spray and pop glass all over the oven. The oven is older and I’m not sure if newer ovens have a cover over the bulb. But mine doesn’t. Just beware. I do love his shows and have learned many things from them. Maybe the lesson I learned from this episode is to buy a new oven. :)

  • PerennialLady

    Fabulous! You’ve inspired me. Again.

  • Beatrice Killigan

    Master Chef Pepin it is an inspiration to us who love cooking! I tried the bread, it is delicious. His technique in explaining is marvelous. I have tried so many of his recipes, and never failed me. I love cooking a lot makes me relax and very happy.

  • Northa Turner

    I love this man, what he cooks on his show I do right after my family just loves it he is so easy to follow.

  • ahyanna Mojica

    Geny from Puerto Rico will put to practice these bread recipes. God bless you!