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Lots of Calif. Voters Still Saying No to Republican ‘Party of Yes’

The California Republican Party is trying to re-brand itself as the “Party of Yes,” a phrase that sits right at the top of the GOP web page. To non-party members, the claim may seem a little like Fox News’ omnipresent contention that the network is “fair and balanced”: if you have to affix it to your logo, that perhaps raises the very question you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

Protestations of affirmativeness notwithstanding, California Republicans would say they’re at least pretty clear on what they’re against: taxes. At the GOP state convention this weekend, the party officially staked out its “no thanks” position on the two November ballot initiatives that propose to raise new tax revenue: Proposition 30 and Proposition 38. (Here’s a list of GOP recommendations on all the propositions.)

Other news to come out of the convention: the delegates dig Paul Ryan. Plus one event of real note. From the Sacramento Bee today:

(T)he California Republican Party Board of Directors has approved a structural shake-up some insiders say is meant to limit Chairman Tom Del Beccaro’s involvement in the party’s strategic planning and fundraising efforts. The actions, outlined in a draft resolution provided to The Bee, included creating a new 2012 campaign fund that will be controlled by the vice chairman and the treasurer. The board also replaced all members of the Strategic Planning Committee, which it assigned to oversee “Victory 2012 activities to support the election of Republican candidates,” including voter turnout and outreach programs and media relations…

The changes were approved during a closed meeting Sunday after the general session of the party’s fall convention in Burbank concluded. Full story

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