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Final Presidential Debate 6 p.m.: Webcasts, Fact-Check, Live Blogs

We’re in the final sprint now. Election Day is just 15 days away, and tonight is the third and final presidential debate live from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Bob Schieffer of CBS News and host of Face the Nation will moderate.

His format sounds suspiciously like that of the first presidential debate. Schieffer has picked six topics — although not necessarily to be discussed in this order:

  • America’s role in the world
  • Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Red Lines – Israel and Iran
  • The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I
  • The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II
  • The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World

Schieffer will open each segment with a question, and the candidates will have two minutes to respond. Then it’s Schieffer’s job to “facilitate a discussion” for a total of 15 minutes on each topic.

The debate starts at 6 p.m. PT.

Here’s the NewsHour Live Stream:

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How the Bay Area Reacted on Twitter to the First Presidential Debate

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama at the first presidential debate.



That was the attitude expressed by many Bay Area residents on Twitter following Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Denver. Twitter said the debate was the most-Tweeted about U.S. political event to date, as more than 10 million Tweets were posted about the candidates, the moderator and the topics discussed.

In the Bay Area, many of those Tweets said the debate was boring and lacked substance. They criticized almost every aspect of the event, including the performance of moderator Jim Lehrer, the lack of vision expressed by the candidates and the font used in the stage decoration. Some Romney supporters did celebrate, saying their candidate performed better than the president. That’s been the position of other Romney backers across the country as well as some pundits and analysts, buttressed by some instant polls.

Below is a brief wrap-up of debate-related Tweets from the Bay Area. What did you think of the debate? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know.

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Presidential Debate: Watch Live Online, List of Live Blogs

posted by Lisa Aliferis and Jon Brooks

Kennedy-Nixon, the first televised debate. (Courtesy National Park Service)

After months of campaigning — and days of surrogates’ efforts to lower expectations of their guy’s performance — it’s finally time for the first presidential debate. The political duel is being held at the University of Denver.

While there are many, many relevant sites we can steer you to around this event, we’ve chosen to put WNYC’s Interactive debate bingo front and center. You can thank us later, after the 25th time one or both candidates have used the phrase “make no mistake” before looking into the camera and gravely declaring just how the other guy is going to ruin the country if we make the awful mistake of electing him.

And if you’re at the point where you can only truly experience any big event on your computer,click here for our list of live blogs.

Here’s what looks to be a curated list of debate tweeters by Twitter, running the political gamut from Ann Coulter to David Axelrod, plus many in-betweens.

You can watch the debate online via PBS NewsHour:

You can also watch ABC News/Yahoo coverage live online on YouTube

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