New Widget Tallies Funding for California Propositions

It automatically updates with latest funding information for each proposition.

Just how much money is streaming into congressional campaigns and certain ballot measures across the county? Maplight, the nonprofit, nonpartisan group that tracks those dollars, is on the case. It’s funded by individuals and foundations, and if you’re interested in the influence of money on politics, you’ll love this site.

Maplight has created a new widget just for California. It automatically updates funding totals and top funders for each of the 11 propositions on the November ballot. For example, the California Teachers Association is the top funder of Proposition 32 which — described officially — “prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes.” To date, the CTA has ponied up $16.4 million of the $37.6 million total raised to defeat the measure.

Meanwhile, Monsanto is the top funder of Proposition 37. That’s the ballot measure which requires labeling of foods with genetically-modified ingredients. Monsanto has given $7.1 million of $32.5 million raised in total.

The widget is embedded below. It’s cycling through all the props, and you can click on any of the props to get full details on all funders and money raised. You can also embed it yourself and select specific props you want to follow.