Quick Read: Wealthy Schools Backer Launches Attack Ads Against Gov’s Prop. 30

Proposition 30 and Proposition 38 would both fund schools by raising taxes in different ways. Until today the Gov. Brown-backed Prop. 30 has polled right around 50 percent; Prop. 38 has polled worse. But with the new attack ad from the wealthy Prop. 38 backers, both measures could end up defeated.

In a move that threatens to kill Gov. Jerry Brown’s pivotal tax-hike initiative, a wealthy California schools advocate backing an alternative measure launched a multimillion-dollar ad campaign Tuesday attacking the governor’s proposition.

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  • abc

    What is wrong if both of the measures get defeated. KQED is projecting as if is wrong. I mean are you in the business of reporting or propaganda?

    • Lisa Aliferis, KQED

      Thank you for the comment. What is unusual in this case is that defeat of both measures may come from actions of the proponents of the propositions, as opposed to people who are opposed to both measures. We have clarified in the first line that both propositions would raise taxes.