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Lisa Aliferis is the founding editor of KQED's State of Health blog. Since 2011, she's been writing stories and editing them for the site. Before taking up blogging, she toiled for many years producing health stories for television, including Dateline NBC and San Francisco's CBS affiliate, KPIX-TV. She also wrote up a handy guide to the Affordable Care Act, especially for Californians. You can follow her on Twitter: @laliferis

Marin County Measures: Results

Here are the results for all measures on the ballot in Marin County:

Measure A, County of Marin, parks: 74% yes; 26% no (Two-thirds majority required)

Measure B, Mill Valley, schools: 70% yes; 30% no (Two-thirds majority required)

Measure C, Shoreline School District: 76.80% yes; 23.20% no (Two-thirds majority required) Continue reading

Some Berkeley Measures Too Close to Call

Measure S, the so-called “Sit/Lie” ballot measure and Measure T, which would change zoning in West Berkeley, both remain too close to call, our colleagues at Berkeleyside report Wednesday morning:

Last night, 32,661 votes were recorded in the mayoral contest. Four years ago, over 56,000 Berkeleyans voted for mayor. Given the high turnouts observed in Berkeley yesterday, it’s clear there are plenty of votes remaining to be counted. Continue reading

Quick Read: Richmond ‘Soda Tax’ Unpalatable to Voters

Richmond’s Measure N was defeated 67 percent of voters turned it back.

It seems Californians are not ready to tax sugary drinks as a way of reducing obesity. Two measures — one in Richmond, and one near Los Angeles — both failed at the polls last night. Supporters of Richmond’s soda tax say they will keep fighting to reduce how many high-calorie sodas we drink.

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Quick Read: McNerney Nails Down Fourth Term in Congress

Incumbent Congressman Jerry McNerney won the 9th Congressional District with 54 percent of the vote.

Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney will be returning for a fourth term. His victory in the 9th Congressional District comes despite predictions that the San Joaquin Valley race might be a toss up. McNerney faced a redrawn district and a tough challenge from Ricky Gill, a young newcomer to the GOP.

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California Democrats May Have Supermajority in Both Assembly, Senate

(Justin Sullivan: Getty Images)

(Justin Sullivan: Getty Images)

California Democrats are on the brink of a historic political achievement: Assemblyman John Perez has declared that Democrats have gained a two-thirds supermajority in the Assembly, and the California Senate is also trending that way.

If those totals hold, the Democrats will have attained a Proposition 13-proof advantage that would enable them to raise taxes without any votes from Republicans, largely intractable on the tax issue, or having to go to the voters, as Gov. Brown did with his Proposition 30.

But it’s not a done deal. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The party’s apparent capture of 54 seats in the 80-member Assembly and 27 in the 40-member Senate would mark the first time in nearly 80 years that one party controlled two-thirds of both houses, according to Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg. Continue reading

East Bay Institution Pete Stark Toppled by Novice Eric Swalwell

Undated Stark campaign button shows unseated Congressman's history. (Mpls55408: Flickr)

Undated Stark campaign button shows defeated Congressman's history. (Mpls55408: Flickr)

Twenty-term incumbent Pete Stark lost his re-election bid to Alameda County prosecutor and Dublin city councilman Eric Swalwell — who won with 53 percent of the vote.

It had been a bitterly fought campaign, with sometimes strange allegations from Stark. As KQED’s Cy Musiker reported, “Stark accused Swalwell, without evidence, of taking bribes; he was forced to apologize; and he wrongly accused newspaper columnist Debra Saunders of making political donations to Swalwell, again apologizing after.”

Stark issued a statement this morning:

It has been my honor to serve the people of the East Bay for the last 40 years. I have worked hard to deliver results: accomplishments like writing the COBRA law to make health insurance portable between jobs, bringing the first computers to schools, and crafting President Obama’s groundbreaking health care law. Continue reading

San Jose’s Minimum Wage Will Go Up

San Jose’s minimum wage is about to go up, after voters approved a ballot measure raising the minimum from eight dollars an hour to 10. The measure won with 59 percent of the vote.

Measure “D” started out as a class project at San Jose State.

Diana Crumedy, who helped launch the campaign, says she hopes other students will try to raise the minimum wages where they are. Continue reading

Alameda County Measures: Results

08:40am — This post has been revised with corrected numbers.

Here are the complete results, with 100% of precincts reporting:

Measure A1 — Alameda County, Oakland Zoo: 62.69% yes; 37.31% no (Two-thirds majority)

Measure B1 — Alameda County, Transportation: 65.54% yes; 34.46% no (Two-thirds majority)

Measure D — City of Alameda, Parks: 78.23% yes; 21.77% no (Simple majority required)

Measure C — 65% yes; 35% no  (Two-thirds majority)

Measure F — City of Albany: 78.96% yes; 21.04% no (Simple majority required)

Continue reading

Santa Clara County Measures: Results

With all precincts reporting, here are the results for Santa Clara County ballot measures:

Measure A – Santa Clara County – Sales Tax
Yes 56.27%; No 43.73%

Measure B – SC Valley Water District (Two-thirds required)
Yes 72.65% No 27.35%

Measure C – Palo Alto – Marijuana Dispensaries (Simple majority requiredj)
Yes 37.89%; No 62.11%

Measure D – San Jose – Minimum Wage (Simple majority required)
Yes 58.88%; No 41.12% Continue reading