STILL Too Close To Call — Could Be Days; List of Undecided Contests

Dan Lungren and Ami Bera are locked in a tighter than tight race. (Photos: Republican Conference and Randy Bayne via Flickr)

Sit down and take a deep breath. The updated Secretary of State’s numbers show more than three million votes left to count.

If you’ve been following the handful of too-close-to-call races across the state, you’ll likely be waiting for a few days.

Counties have until December 7 to report their final results.The secretary of state will certify the election by December 14.

Here are the races still too close to call:

Congressional Races

  • Bera v. Lungren (7th Congressional District): Bera’s (D) lead is slim, but keeps edging up. Yesterday, he led Lungren (R) by 182 votes. Today, with an additional 40,000 votes counted, he’s up by 1,779. (105,245 to 103,466)

Assembly Races

  • Bloom v. Butler (District 50): In this Dem-on-Dem race in Los Angeles County, Bloom leads Butler by 218 votes.
  • Norby v. Quirk-Silva (District 65): Democrat Quirk-Silva is leading Republican Norby by 607 votes.

Ballot Measures

  • Alameda County Measure B1 (Transportation): About one percentage point shy of the two-thirds needed for passage, with roughly 100,000 mail/provisional ballots still to count. Could be “several days” before we know the results, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters told the Chronicle.
  • Berkeley Measures S and T: “S” is “sit/lie” and “T” changes zoning in West Berkeley. “Yes on T” has slowly been gaining ground since election night and now leads by five votes (four more votes since yesterday). “Yes on S” is trailing by two percentage points, but has also been gaining since election night. The counting continues.


Other too-close-to-call races or measures we should know about? Tell us in the comments section!