San Francisco Measures: Results

With one exception, all measures before voters in San Francisco passed. The exception is Measure F — the question of studying the possibility of draining Hetch-Hetchy.

Here are the complete results, with 100% of precincts reporting:

Measure A — City College Parcel Tax: 72% yes; 23% no

Measure B — Parks Bond: 72% yes; 28% no

Measure C — Housing Trust Fund: 65% yes; 35% no

Measure D — Consolidate Election: 83% yes; 16% no

Measure E — Gross Receipts: 71% yes; 29% no

Measure F — Drain Hetch-Hetchy: 23% yes; 77% no

Measure G — Citizens United: 81% yes; 19% no

The San Francisco Registrar of Voters has results on all issues and races, state and local, before San Francisco voters.