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PBS NewsHour will provide comprehensive, multi-platform coverage throughout Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, beginning at 5 p.m. PT, continuing through the regular PBS NewsHour broadcast until at least midnight.

The PBS NewsHour politics team will provide in-depth reports, extensive analysis and live results until the winner of the White House is announced and beyond.

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  • c adams

    I’m a bit stunned that commentators kept mentioning the responsibility and drawbacks that Obama has to effect within a intransigent congress, a hostile, mean congress, a congress that has turned it’s back to every fair effort to reach compromises. Why not speak to the fact that those in congress make a responsible effort not to hold America hostage to their goals, no to put roadblocks to every good program that may give credit to a Democratic president, to try to help all Americans, not just pave the way for the wealthy and corporations. Many commentators mentioned that the President had to get his hands dirty…as if he hadn’t gone into the trenches of warfare within congress. He has been more than willing to work with congress; unfortunately, congress in every way determined to undermine his every proposal and work against the American people. They have lost no opportunity to show their contempt, their disrespect, and intransigence. I believe it is up to the congress to stop their policy of war on the President and the Democratic party in order to help our country…