5 Reasons to Switch Political Parties

A young man considers his options before registering to vote in October at San Francisco State University. Photo by Ian Hill/KQED

Last week we profiled two area residents who have switched political parties: a former Republican who said he’d be voting for President Obama on Tuesday and a former Democrat who is now a registered member of the GOP. As you might expect in a contentious election year, their stories generated some heated comments in our online forums (as well as a few emails and phone calls).

That led us to wonder: if there is such a significant and widening ideological divide in the country, what would it take for other area voters to switch political parties?

To help us answer that question we turned to our Facebook followers and asked them to finish this sentence: “I would switch political parties if…”

Some of the responses we received were humorous, others enlightening. But in general, we heard five answers.