Protest at Charles Munger’s House Over Anti-Prop 30 Donations

Demonstrators chanted outside the home of multi-millionaire Charles Munger, Jr. Thursday afternoon in one of Palo Alto’s most exclusive neighborhoods, protesting Munger’s $35 million in donations to fight Governor Brown’s tax measure, Proposition 30. Munger is the leading funder of the opposition to the initiative, which would raise taxes temporarily in order to avoid big trigger cuts in this year’s state budget.

San Leandro resident Patrick Jerome Forte came with the California Alliance for Retired Americans and said, “That’s not how the elections are done in California. You can’t buy our vote. You can not influence us to vote the way you want us to. Take your money back!”

Munger chairs the Santa Clara County Republican Party of Silicon Valley. He was not home during the protest.

A recent Field poll showed support for Prop 30 had slipped below 50 percent, which it needs to exceed in order for it to pass. But 14 percent of voters still remain undecided, and Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo told KQED that a majority of undecideds approve of the governor’s job performance and are concerned about potential budget cuts if the measure fails. “All these things indicate to me that the governor’s measure is in fairly decent shape,” DiCamillo said.

Charles Munger’s sister, Molly Munger, has contributed $44 million to a rival tax measure, Proposition 38. That initiative is trailing badly in polls.