In Richmond, Volunteers Inform Ex-Cons About Voting Rights; Read Voting Guide For Current or Former Inmates

The presidential candidates are making a final push to let supporters know every vote counts in Tuesday’s election. Richmond voting advocates are on a similar mission, targeting the area’s infrequent voters. To that end, volunteers with various non-profits have been canvassing Richmond for weeks, and Rachel Witte with KQED News Associate Richmond Confidential reports that part of the effort is focused on ex-convicts.

“These formerly incarcerated men are going out into these neighborhoods and telling other formerly incarcerated men who don’t know that they are able to vote, that they can indeed vote,” she says.”And that they should go out and exercise that right if they truly want to exercise change in their community.”

California law restores voting rights to felons who have served their time and completed parole. Still, many ex-offenders don’t know their rights and don’t vote.

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